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Who We Are


                                                has been in the food business for a long time, but in different capacities. She is a professional when it comes to feeding her kids pets, older sisters and brother-in-laws, not to mention all of her nieces and nephews (and whoever else may come by the house).

 She always has three or four fresh baked goods on the counter at all times and dinner cooking in the oven.

Despite having her own successful business for 14 years, working full time in municipal, provincial and federal government, as well as volunteering, she always makes time with her family her number one priority. 


                                         is Dela's youngest child and only daughter. Some of her earliest memories are of watching her mom bake in the kitchen. When she was baking bread, Dela would make sure Brooke had her very own dough ball she could squish in her little hands just like her mom. 

Brooke moved away to attend Brock University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology degree, later attending Humber College achieving a design certificate.

Moving back to her hometown and creating lollipops with her mom is a dream come true. She feels incredibly lucky to be working and creating with her best friend, taking none of it for granted.

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